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Screen-printed textiles for
your home, in sunny colours.

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A collection of modern homeware and accessories

I am Joanna Zenghelis, a London-based printed textile designer. 

My patterns are inspired by the sea, the pine trees, and the olive groves of the Aegean island where my family comes from. I want to bring Mediterranean sunlight to homes in sometimes gloomier parts of the world.

Lines, spots, shapes, and colours - thrown together, isolated, and overlapping. That’s what my designs are about. They are irregular, brought to life through ripped paper, glass rubbings, cut-outs and dripped paint. Each pattern has a sense of movement and asymmetry to make it come alive. 

I used to work as a graphic designer for magazines,  after studying architecture, before I followed my heart to textiles design. My prints aim to weave together threads of inspiration from art, design and the Aegean to create a line of homeware products that are full of energy, fun, and sunshine.

All my products are screen-printed by hand, using top-quality cotton and eco-friendly water-based inks. They are sewn together in Whitechapel by the Working Well Trust, a manufacturing charity and non-profit organisation that supports people who want to get back to work after suffering from mental health problems. Everything is made in the UK.

Joanna Zenghelis’ home textiles have a sense of movement and pack a colourful punch
— mollie makes
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