Crafty Fox (and pigeons)

Thanks to everyone who dropped by over the weekend to visit my stall at the Crafty Fox fair in Canopy Market, King’s Cross, and especially to those who bought washbags, pouches, cushions and lampshades. My bright red signage hand painted by Molu Designs also seemed to catch the eye of passers-by, including of a few friends who just happened to be out shopping and saw the JZ logo from a distance.

It was a fun and festive event and I had a great time talking to (and learning from) several talented and experienced hand-made market traders such as 2hungrybakers, Kirsty Riddell, Miss Knit Nat, Rosanna Clare, who were also braving the cold weather and occasional fly-bombing pigeon. Selling online and wholesale is essential to any designer of hand-made items but there really is no substitute for getting out there and meeting customers face-to-face, seeing what grabs people’s imagination and what still needs a bit of tweaking. No substitute either for thermal underclothes and plentiful hot drinks when you’re standing outside in mid-December for 10 hours at a time!

Joanna Zenghelis